Thursday, April 1, 2021

Why ParentKillers?

This series is not about killing parents. I love my parents, and just like many other parents mine would certainly not condone any attempts on their lives. I'd love to tell you why I picked this title, but I simply cannot. Not yet, anyway.

And that's because I think it would be bad form to reveal the premise behind this series in the very first book. All I will say that the act of 'killing parents' is not the start of the story, nor is it the end, but it does play a major role.

Besides, ParentKillers sounds way more cool than ‘The book series in which toxic relationships and familicide happen in book two, on page sixty four, and it will all be explained in the chapter thereafter.'

(I actually checked, and that specific page doesn’t mention anything like that, so that’s a 'no, I'm still not going to tell you!' for now... 😁)

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