Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Read it... for free, for now, as long as it lasts...

As a little geste I will post the DRAFT chapters of ParentKillers 2 - Daughter of the Beast, on Wattpad and Neovel in the coming weeks / months.

Please note that...

a. these are drafts, and
b. I will discontinue posting when editing has been completed (if ever)

Until then, feel free to enjoy them, though I strongly advice to read ParentKillers 1 - Kind's Kiss first, because... well, just because. Alas, it's not yet out on Amazon but I'll try my best to fix that ASAP!

Why share these for free? Because I simply felt like it 😉

I'm not that worried that it would hamper any eventual sales... In spite of featuring handsome bad boys, wolves, local crime lords and same-sex relations (I wonder if I should add some BTS or not) it's not the typical Wattpad fare, so the number of readers will probably stay very, very low...

Don't get me wrong! Both platforms are incredible, but they might not be the right outlet for a small time writer like me, nor for the kind of story that ParentKillers is.

Read it whilst the offer lasts!

So, the draft of book 1 Kind's Kiss can be found here:

And the draft of book 2 Daughter of the Beast can be found here:

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