Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Sign from Above, the Message from Beyond

'T was the night, the lights dim, the air filled with the buzzin' of fans and rattlin' of keys. And me, struggling with thoughts that kept me awake. All alone, hackling and cackling until the glow of the screen could no longer overcome the early light of dawn... 

I registered a few domains (yah! is mine!), worked on a cover, then edited two chapters of book 1 (prepping for the editor who had gone silent), then wrote a new chapter for book 3. 

I drooled over the individual characters until they glistened and stopped falling over, sticking together for support, clumped words separated by mere spaces and the incidental end of life of a sentence. 

That's when I fell asleep on the keyboard, only to wake up with a squarish, offset pattern imprinted on my face. The T and the Y were especially pronounced.

My first thought was: could this be a message from beyond?

My second was: hell, these modern keyboards are not as comfy as they ought to be...

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